​​​Sooner or later you’ll hear what your heart has always been telling you: stop trying to be who you think you should be – become who you are​.

​​In life everybody faces challenging situations. The end of a relationship, losing a job, losing a loved one... it can feel like everyting is falling apart and this can have a seriously detrimental effect on your health.

I work with people who are looking to find greater balance, harmony and fulfilment within themselves and in all areas of their lives.
The most important thing is that from these difficult times something greater emerges.YOU !!




Free your body and  liberate your  mind !


Your body has ability to heal itself if you just give it a chance .

I treat each person as a unique being and design a program especially for you  to restore physical ,mental,emotional ,spiritual health .

To find a balance is a future medicine !

Most of us tend to think of our bodies and our minds as separate systems and believe they function independently, hence we treat them separately. The reality is that they need to be considered as a single whole.There is a very real mind body connection which influences our lives. Every part of the body is the mind expressing itself. Nervousness shows up as butterflies in our stomach. Fear causes the heart beat to race. Our body actually speaks our mind and expresses our feelings. Through  gentle touch ,awarness and reflective listening Om therapy can teach you listen to your body's messages and discover your body of knowledge.
You don't have to have a perfect body to love the body you're in. Simply be happy in your mind !  It doesn't have to be hard to feel good about yourself!


I believe that through touch we can help ourselves, and we can help each other. I work with clients to cultivate self-awareness, to reveal how you can harness your own healing resources. I lead couples massage workshops to help you care for and heal your loved ones. And I teach infant massage workshops, to show parents a whole new way to nourish and connect with their babies.I guide Women‘s Circles (women’s gatherings) to embrace  our feminine nature and sensuality,  anger and strength , physical beauty, celebrate birth and death.

I organize various self development workshops to show you how to connect with your natural state of deep peace and love by loving touch

Let me help you reconnect with yourself, or your loved one, or your little one. Let me help you breathe fully, and live fully, once again. Tell me: how can I help you?


​​What Do I Do?​,


(thai,shiatsu,deep tissue,breema,chi nei tsang,belly massage for fertility pregnancy,therapeutic massage,reflexology )

craniosacral therapy ,

energy working ,

structural integration 



anti stress techniques 

somatic coaching



breathing treatments


Integrative medicine blends the best of conventional Western science with ancient healing therapies massage , yoga, exercises, dance, meditation, nutrition, herbal medicine,  breathing, energy work.

Because I use both Eastern and Western  knowledge many of my patients have made unexpected recoveries from ilness they had been struggling for many years.

I provide a highly effective aid for depression , traumas , anxiety, lack of motivation /direction  , emotional problems, difficulties  in relationships, endings,  feelings of disconnection , burnout ,stress ,​​feeling something is wrong ,missing but don't know what/why , old wounds , coping strategies, sleep disorders ,metabolism problems ,headaches
I help many people with common conditions,especially Back ,Knee ,Neck Pain by providing relief and often times complete healing of pain by locating,treating and correcting dysfunction.
I provide a natural safe effective way to heal faster (emotionally and physically) after surgery or injuries by anti traumatic therapy,reducing pain ,releasing spasms and restrictions,eliminating scar tissue and improving range of motion
I provide a solution for wanting one strong natural therapy that gives long lasting multiple benefits and ever increasing results
I help Senior's maintain independant living by improving muscle , joint health and emotions
​I help before ,during  and after  pregnancy and labor   by reducing stress, pain, promoting relaxation, and facilitating the transitions of this time
I improve weight training/sports by treating and preventing injuries and fine-tuning muscles
I help people return to work quickly who have work related injuries
I help determine and possibly correct common hidden dysfunctions such as a tilted pelvis
I provide very important prevention education and instruction
I help many people,children to improve their overall health and well-being