METTA (massage +talk )

METTA is an alternative healing method which combines touch (massage,touch) sometimes exercisses and talk together  to help people deal with the stresses, traumas, depression,anxiety, sleep problems, chronic pain, digestion  and many  disease (autoimmune,high blood presure ,fertility,cancer-related issues in their lives).



It uses the body as the starting point, because the body is home to our thoughts, our feelings, and our spirit. By exploring these relationships, we can claim a greater role in our own physical and emotional wellness.

In the traditional approaches of psychotherapy, such as Psycho- analysis, Transactional Analysis, Individual Psychology, Logotherapy and others, bodywork is often viewed as  offensive  ( works too fast;).

But the approach of a body can reach where language cannot reach. Bodywork-techniques  which combine physical(massage,butterfly touch), energetic, emotional and psychological aspects, are an effective way to reach  experiences and replace them with new ones.
METTA can help you find a better way to be, clearing the past and living more in the present

You can change the past! Well, not the events themselves maybe, but certainly your feelings and understanding about them. Your body holds your memories. Your memories are how you have formed your beliefs, about yourself and the world. Your beliefs are the patterns on which your life is built. 

Change your past and you will change your present!

You don't have to have a perfect body to love the body you're in!​​

Many of our beliefs about ourselves are untrue, at least the negative ones. The problem is that we are so used to seeing our world through our beliefs that we no longer see them. It is like looking through a dirty windshield or glasses and not seeing the dirt until something makes us notice it.

METTA is the noticing and the clearing away of the debris.



What can I expect from an METTA session?

METTA is about learning to listen to your own body.

I create a safe, nurturing, supportive place to facilitate deep inner transformation.

Your body not only knows you intimately, but it also loves you and delights in getting your attention.

All sessions involve some level of relaxation and calming.

My job is to enhance that process and to support you in exploring what information comes to you through the sensations your body is offering to you.

Most clients experience warmth with my contact, but other sensations are equally welcome and informative.

I invite movement wherever I make contact, listening with my hands for variations of ease, stopping places, energy flows. You may be aware temperature changes, resistance or allowing of movement, energy sensations such as pulsing, flowing, tingling, pain may occur and may be familiar or new. This is just a sampling of what may be experienced, but whatever comes to the foreground, we explore what meaning it has for you and if there are ways to promote comfort and ease in your body, in your life.

Emotions may come up, memories may surface, patterns in thought or habitual responses may be seen more clearly.

Every session is as unique as you are, but relevant to you, worth experiencing.
Sessions are completed with a re-integration period of slowly returning to alertness. This usually involves an expanded sense of connection with your body and your self, more balance, more ease, often more joy or wonder.


It doesn't have to be hard to feel good about yourself. 


Learn relaxation.
Learn to listen to your inner wisdom through your body.
Re-connect with your creative, imaginative self.
Regain the delight you are meant to know in the here and now.
Experience more mindfulness, more ability to live in the present moment.


What is a METTA session like?

All OM sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed. Any items that may restrict movement or distract are removed, such as belts, jewelry, shoes. Most sessions occur with the client lying , but they can also occur sitting in a chair, or even lying on the floor, depending on the inclination of the client that day.
You should allow 90 minutes for your first session. This gives us time to get to know each other a little and to get any questions you may have answered. Subsequent sessions are about 45-60 minutes long. Double sessions, 90 minutes long, are also an option, if the shorter time does not feel long enough.



If we experience pain or anxiety ,depression, unwanted tones in our voice, or body reactions such as headaches or nausea, there are reasons! 



"It seems that most of us want to change, we want to be more relaxed, healthier, more alive. But here lies the basic problem of human trans- formation. Although we say we want a different kind of life – and may even be involved in many projects for improving ourselves – there is a part of us which stubbornly resists any fundamental redirecting of our lives. This part of us, which refuses to let go, is our armor. We call it armor because it is that aspect of us which being afraid of possible pain and confusion, hardens and desensitizes our bodies and keeps our feelings and thought in careful control.
Our armor is all those well-developed postures for dealing with life – rigid neck, held-in belly, fat, rubbery waist. It is all those guarded feelings either – covered up sadness, held back anger, or paralyzing fear. It is those often unstated but controlling beliefs “if I try I’ll be successful”; “if I am kind to you you should be kind to me”. Reflect upon your own behavior. Notice the little tricks for getting through the day; how you get yourself going in the mornings, how you keep high but not in indulging in negative thoughts, how you put your best foot forward when you want to impress people. A large part of this behaviour becomes second nature to us, set in motion unconsciously and works well for us up to a point since it protects us from pain and confusion.
However, it also limits us and in due course forms a rigid structure which then inhibits our spontaneity.​​

One of the main difficulties in changing ourselves is that each time we attempt to change our lives, we are in fact, using our already developed (and unconscious) postures and attitudes to deal with our problems. For example, if you over-arch your lower back, creating severe back aches, you might try to find relief by doing yoga exercises. You would probably concentrate on those exercises which are easiest to execute and which at the moment feel good, such as arching your back even further into a fish- or cobra position. But in the long run such postures will simply increase your body imbalance and create more pain. Here, an unconscious attitude is driving you to find relief but in a way which reinforces the old body position. Even if you are very disciplined and work with yoga positions which flatten your back, you will, through the attitude you carry throughout your body, simply transfer the tension and imbalance to another part of your body. In flattening out your back, you may round your shoulders and overcontract the muscles in your chest.​​