My work focuses on the interactions between mind and body and the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health. ​

The healing process is for me basically an act of communication and discovery. As the practitioner, I cannot presume to know what your need is and how you can best meet it. Your need as the client, as well as mine as the practitioner, becomes clearer as we interact, as we discover each other by touching, looking and speaking.

In the traditional approaches of psychotherapy, such as Psycho- analysis, Transactional Analysis, Individual Psychology, Logotherapy and others, bodywork is often viewed as  offensive  ( works too fast; clients cannot work through their feelings, emotions and thoughts to gain a deep understanding of their personal processes and behaviorial patterns).

But the approach of a body can reach where language cannot reach. Bodywork-techniques  which combine physical(massage,butterfly touch), energetic, emotional and psychological aspects, are an effective way to reach  experiences and replace them with new ones.

OM therapy   can help you find a better way to be, clearing the past and living more in the present

I am a holistic health care practitioner . My work is truly holistic in that I treat the full person, and does so incorporating a host of time honored modalities.


I practice 

body psychology ,

structural integration ,

massage ,

craniosacral therapy ,

energy working ,

shamanic dreaming techniques,


anti stress techniques 

somatic coaching


I use one or more of these modalities to create a unique hybrid session, depending on the needs of my client.

I treat a broad range of conditions including


stress disorders,

sleep disorders ,

anxiety ,

digestive problems,

women health issue

chronic and acute pain,


postural issues

and cancer-related issues in conjunction with western medical attention.

I work also with  women before,  during and after pregnancy

​ In formulating my individualized treatments, I take into account the whole person, addressing the emotional and spiritual along with the physical. I am is passionate about alternative medicine and its ability to help my clients live full and happy lives.

My mission is to change the present healthcare paradigm, to treat people and not just the disease.

Its my lifelong passion.

I work on everyone from professional tennis players to hospice patients, from  performers to office assistants, from new moms to grandmoms.​


I believe we can all benefit from therapeutic bodywork; I believe we can all  also breathe fully without stress.,pain anger,fear​

"Each Person comes into this world with a specific Destiny--he Has something to fulfill , some Message has to be Delivered , some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally--You Are Here Meaningfully. There is a Purpose behind You. The Whole Intends to Do something Through You"