Regression Therapy

Regression Therapists take a holistic view that we have a connection between our spirit, mind, emotions and body. Healing requires going back to the cause of the problem so it can be completely resolved at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Its like having a thorn buried under the skin. The thorn needs removing for healing to take place. The problem may be from a current life event such as the loss of a loved one or a relationship issue. Sometimes it may be below the level of conscious awareness yet still affecting our well being. This could be from a traumatic or life threatening situation or from an earlier abusive childhood experience.

  • Using body therapy to clear trauma, including sexual and physical abuse

  • Handling disassociation from a trauma

  • Inner child regression

  • Detecting and releasing intrusive energy and spirit releasement

  • Setting up in practice with regression therapy

  • Guided imagery into a past life

  • Open and directive questions to explore a past life

  • Identifying turning and shut down points

  • Techniques to avoid a diversion when exploring a past life

  • Handling the death experience

  • Recognising and overcoming attachment to the body at death

  • Working with unfinished business from the past life

  • Techniques to find reconciliation and forgiveness in the spirit realms

  • Integration of a client's soul-fragments

  • Meditation and use of spirit helpers and guides