Life Coaching

​“Sooner or later you’ll hear what your heart has always been telling you: stop trying to be who you think you should be – become who you are”

There are few certainties in life; we come and we go as do those in our lives. Throughout life there will be change, challenges – and opportunities – in our lives, careers and relationships.

I work with people who are looking to find greater balance, harmony and fulfilment within themselves and in all areas of their lives. Some people come to me following redundancy, restructure, promotion, separation or a notable life change. Others come are keen to embark on a new career or to enjoy greater life balance. Others come to me as they are tired of trying to be someone else and looking to find their authentic ‘self’

Everyone is different. For some coaching is strategic ‘What do I want to do next in my career and how will I get there? For others it is a spiritual search ‘Who am I?’ So for you it may be about using traditional coaching tools, techniques and strategies – or a more creative, intuitive approach using questioning, silence and mindfulness. I find that many people who come to me have elements of both and respond best between this blend of ‘head’ and ‘heart’.



I use a variety of tools and experiences from coaching, exercise ,energy medicine ,body psychology ,mindfulness,anti stress techniques ,nutrition psychology  to help you raise your self-awareness, find your balance and move forward in your life with confidence and enthusiasm.

Together we focus on developing your strengths and discover  your true self  that becomes the lifelong foundation for your daily choices and habits.

Areas of personal growth may include:
• gaining clarity and momentum by connecting to your deepest motivators, values and intentions
• strengthening your skills and resources to successfully navigate change and the realities of daily life
• transforming self-limiting beliefs into positive thoughts and actions
• seeing challenges as opportunities for growth
• optimizing your energetic balance and flow

As your coach I provide you with support, guidance, education and inspiration. I will help you maintain your clarity and direction to foster self-development and achieve the change that you desire.

Somatic  Coaching is beneficial for those who are ready to:
• turn knowledge and intentions into reality and reduce stress
• create a personalized approach to wellness
• improve energy, life balance, creativity, fitness, mental and emotional well-being
• engage in a positive, forward-focused process
• receive support, guidance and accountability in making lifestyle changes
• focus on overall wellness vs. quick fixes
• build confidence and self-efficacy

• strengthen mind/body awareness and connection to self

Have you sought change in your life only to find it short-lived or difficult to maintain direction and focus?

Do you want to improve your health and well-being but don’t know where to start?
Do you feel overstressed ,have problems with sleeping ,depression?
I   can help you !