Energetic work

Energetic work

Mind and body can influence each other .What one thinks can affect how one feels.
The energetic processes of the body are related to the state of aliveness of the body.

The more alive one is,the more energy one has and vice versa.
A healthy body is in a constant sate of vibration whether awake or asleep.

A living body is in constant motion;only death is it truly still
Every stress produces a state of tension and stillness in the body .Normally the tension disappears when stress is relieved.Chronic muscular  tensions  disturb emotional health by decreasing energy,restricting movement of the musculature,limiting self -expression.It become necessary to relieve this chronic tension if the person is to regain his full aliveness and emotional well-being.

In therapy a person is helped to get touch with himself through his  body ,to understand blocks in terms of life experiences,traumas.He is helped to accept and express the suppressed feelings .

The goal is an alive body.The more alive we are ,the more we can tolerate  a heightened excitement in our daily lives and in sex.
Release of suppressed feelings ,chronic muscular tension and blocks have the purpose of increasing a person's capacity of pleasure.The pleasure of being fully alive is anchored in the vibratory state of the body .